March Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must know Truth through its radiation in our life.


Lines to Memorize
Good deeds and misdeeds are like the white and dusky clouds:
One reflects the Sun of Truth, the other veils Its face. But there
is a hidden, inner course: a clear cloudless sky. It is the
Spirit’s Way,— The mystic realm of light.


Man’s duty, first and foremost, is to bring blossoming.
Idle curiosity is worse than ignorance. To run here and
there out of idle curiosity can have but one reaction;
it reacts as a great hindrance to our spiritual progress.
We must make our ideals living within us. We must
strengthen our life with these ideals. We must fasten
our heart and our mind to the unshakable rock of Truth.


Through the Grace of the Supreme Being may I realize
that I am a part of Infinitude. May I realize that it is He
who acts through me in all that I do; That if I yield all
things unto Him I shall be freed from weakness and
blundering, And find perfect peace and joy in
His Holy Guidance.