March Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Every man betrays himself when he neglects his inner life.


Lines to Memorize
It is not enough for man to be God-fearing;
But let him be God-loving and God-abiding.


We charge ourselves with a great blessing when we embody
holiness in all our actions. If man has lower instincts uppermost,
despite him they will betray him. If higher—that too will show itself.
We lift ourselves higher and higher as we think of Divine things.
The great universe is open to us, but we are not always open to it,
to its blessings, its inspirations, its lessons.


May my supplications rise up from my inner depths
That I may truly lay everything on the divine altar,
And feel that self-importance, joy and sorrow,
success or failure, count as nothing.
Grant unto me inner awakening And may I
ever walk by the inward light.