March Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
Our first duty is to God.


Lines to Memorize
The strength of my life art Thou;
The vigor of my spirit is ever in Thee.
In Thee I live a perpetual life;
Without Thee the weight of death is ever upon me.


Great men call upon us to know our true nature that we
may know our kinship with the Supreme. The practice
of holiness gives us this knowledge. Holiness is the best
of all good. Holiness is happiness. Happiness belongs to
him who is strongest in holiness. The world has never been
enriched because we have evolved dogmas and creeds.
In holiness lies the strength of religion.


0 Thou All-beneficent Power,
Lead me by Thy compassionate Hand
That I may walk always in the path of holiness;
That I may think only holy thoughts
And speak only holy words.
Keep a protecting hold upon me
That I may not go astray or fall In the struggle of life.