March Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
The world is in need of the healing balm that holiness brings.


Lines to Memorize
My touch will kindle hope in thy heart I shall reside
in thy soul as peace. My love will fill thee with bliss.
Fear not, but walk forward with faith. My hand is thy safety.


A man may not profess any faith, yet he may be the
embodiment of all faith. Holiness comes from the practice
of religion. We must live in such a way that we may convey
the living quality of religion to the heart of the world. There
is one way to reach the hearts of men and that is first by
reaching our own depths. We must be willing to die for our
Ideal or to live for it without a whimper, whatever may happen.


I lift my heart and thought to the Infinite, All-loving,
All-seeing One. He alone can grant my prayers.
He alone can quicken my spirit and give me spiritual
understanding. May He rouse in my soul true yearning
for such understanding, And bestow on me
His ever-living, ever-abiding protection and blessing.