March Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
A man can transform himself by changing his consciousness and cultivating the spirit of holiness.


Lines to Memorize
This, my house, grows dark and cold when Thou art absent
from it. The light of my soul is lusterless without Thee;
The pulse of my life is silent when Thou, Life of my life,
art not in my dwelling. I pray unto Thee with all the powers
Thou hast bestowed upon me, That Thou wilt never abandon me.


As we learn the art of upbuilding, our heart blends with
the Divine Heart. We cannot have happiness or give
happiness until we have learned to blend our heart with the
heart of God. We must have a sense of kinship, more than
that, a sense of true relationship with the Supreme.
There is no use for us to have religion unless it becomes
dominant in our life. A man must stand up and show that
he has an Ideal and that he is loyal to it.


Awaken in me spiritual yearning.
May I be earnest and tireless in my search for Truth.
May I serve God with my whole heart and soul.
May I learn to work, worship and aspire without striking any discordant note.