March Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We all have the instinct of heroism within us.


Lines to Memorize
It is never too much to lay down one’s life for a holy
cause. If it is His Will, I am willing; If it is for the good
of many, I am willing; If it is for the happiness of many,
I am willing; If it is for the salvation of many,
I am ready and willing.


Only when we are ready to give up without calculation
or fear of results, are we able to do big things.
Renunciation always brings freedom from self-limitation.
It removes something that is alien to our true nature.
When the bigger thing comes, the lesser thing is
wiped out. The wiping out of the lesser leaves room
for the larger, more heroic impulses of the heart.


Let me open my heart that I may feel His divine inspiration.
May I make my thought free from all distractions
That my sight may become clear
And I may perceive His Holy Presence.
Rouse my mind and soul and spiritual consciousness,
That I may manifest nobility and strength in all my actions.