March Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
Manifest spiritual magnitude.


Lines to Memorize
In this world of dream, my soul, dream a truer dream,
Whose mighty pulse will lift thee to a high pinnacle
and make thy body vibrant with new life. Stop not
dreaming this great dream till its image speaketh to
thy soul with a living tongue.


There is a finer type of spiritual instinct. If you
can manifest that, you will always glorify whatever
you do. People who fasten themselves to small
things deprive themselves of bigger things. Those
who lose their life for the sake of Truth find life.
They become more living. Human beings become
bigger or smaller according to the use they
make of their opportunities.


May my mind be so cleansed and strengthened
That it may respond to the Great Mind of the Universe.
May my heart be in tune with the Heart of the Universe.
May His power and glory be manifest in my life.
May His grace surround me and inspire me in all my actions.
May I be shielded from all pettiness and littleness
And made worthy of His love and blessing.