March Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
The biggest,the best thing you can do is to unfold your higher qualities.


Lines to Memorize
Cast off from thy mind all base thoughts, and plunge
Plunge in the ocean of love! Fear not drowning,
nor death,— Love is life, Yea, it is eternal and endless bliss.


People who lack in fineness of feeling also lack
in sense of sanctity. We have great power. It is
not ours, but we are a channel for power. It flows
through us in a mighty current when conditions
are right. We make them right by sanctity and
self-effacement. Our thoughts must be lighted up.
We must shine with the light of holiness,
light of faith, light of devotion.


May I think only on those things that give freedom to the soul,
That I may be a truer instrument in the hands of the Infinite.
May I aspire always after the highest.
Help me lift the evil of selfishness.
Help me lift the evil of worldliness.
Help me purify my mind and heart.