March First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Is your heart ready to respond to the call of your Ideal?


Lines to Memorize
Hast thou courage to travel alone yon invisible path?
Then carry this lamp in thy hand and walk with steadfast gaze—
Look not back; the past will melt in the dark—
Follow, follow, follow on by its glow.


We must pave our way to God. We must strive for a point
of contact. We must be possessed of the Great Power
before we can do anything worth while. We cannot afford to
neglect our soul attributes for the sake of the flesh. If however
we keep our heart full of exalted ideas, we shall not fail to find
a point of contact. When we are truly sanctified, our ear is
never deaf to the higher call.


All-beneficent Spirit of the Universe,
Make me free from all blemish and unworthiness
That I may feel Thy Presence everywhere.
Thou alone canst give me strength to lift my feet and
move freely along the way of life. Give me sight that
I may perceive Thee in all things. May I so tune my
heart that I may feel perfect surrender unto Thee.