June Twenty-Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
This mind severed from its Source is weak and faltering.


Lines to Memorize
Thou canst make my frail vessel to cross o’er these rough waters of life.
Thy will is my hope of safety.
I know no other art nor skill
Save to trust in Thy will.
Thy will is my safety, My source of all peace and joy.


Nothing is too much for us. There is a Higher Power
that guides our steps. As we grow conscious of
this we throw away our littleness. We feel exalted
and uplifted, but if we are closed to the Divine
influence, it cannot make any impression on us.
We too often have fear in our heart, we dare not go
forward. We possess something within that is living
and vibrant. What can we fear? What should we fear?


O Thou Infinite and All-powerful Sustainer of the Universe!
Thou art the Consciousness abiding in the heart of every conscious being.
Thou art the Giver of all blessing.
Thou fulfillest the desires and needs of every living thing.
Do Thou reveal Thy Divine Self unto me,
That I may learn to live in Thy consciousness
And find my safety in Thy never-failing protection.