June Twenty-Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
A hindrance ceases to be a hindrance when we
face it with courage.


Lines to Memorize
Thou dost change all earth’s harsh notes into
heaven’s unspeakable sweetness.
At Thy touch a broken reed sounds Divine harmony,
And mortal voice sings immortal song.


In all entanglements, in the midst of turbulence
and adversity, we can walk safely if we have
spiritual courage and unfaltering faith. Those who are
calculating and dependent on their own strength
stumble many times; while those who are fearless
and trusting and unspoiled by the vanities of the world,
they go through the hardest experiences with
undaunted spirit. They triumph over every obstacle.


Almighty One, help me to turn my whole thought
and aspiration to Thee. Thou knowest my innermost
struggles and difficulties. Thou alone canst remove them.
Open my heart to Thy beneficent influence.
Grant unto me an undaunted spirit.
May I live this day bravely, looking to Thee for
strength and wisdom to meet each step.