June Twenty-Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
The one who lacks faith misses his point of contact with Divinity.


Lines to Memorize
Virtue and vice, good and ill,
Ever play surging havoc in the dual conflict of life,
I abandon them forever and sit with Thee.


Divine Mother’s glory is infinite; and whoever learns
to float in the Ocean of Her Love knows neither fear
nor care. Simple trustfulness is all She wants of us.
Be therefore of good cheer and unwavering faith.
All will be right through Her Divine Grace. Do not
bother about what you have not. She knows.
She will not deny any blessing when the time comes.


I pray with yearning spirit that I may be true to
that One, from whom has come my life.
May I never forget or be separated from that
holy Source of my being. May that One fill my heart
with understanding, faith and compassion. May true
devotion for that all-abiding One grow ever
stronger and stronger within me.