June Twenty-Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Faith is the one sure antidote for doubt and fear.


Lines to Memorize
Flame of Faith, burn Thou in my heart day and
night without ceasing. In Thy glow I shall read this
book of life, And-walk my path of destiny without fear.
Flame of Faith, burn Thou without ceasing!
For I have no other guide to show my course.


Do you think you can ever measure spiritual things?
And yet people cannot cease doing it until they find
something bigger. If you dispute and argue you lose
your vision and faith. Through faith one attains God.
Through argument and discussion God goes further
and further away. When we come in contact with
something higher we are lifted above the noisy,
lower self and we grow silent.


O Thou Infinite Being, free my mind from the
bondage of the finite. Make me free from the
delusion of egotism, anger, self-assertion. And
all that severs me from Thee. May I learn to
partake of the blessed qualities of the Supreme,
That doubt, imperfection and weakness may
vanish from my heart.