June Twenty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Even a thin thread of faith is better than all
worldly splendor without faith.


Lines to Memorize
Thou hast placed me on this other shore
Where virtue and vice, sin and merit,
Praise and censure all are one;
Where light and dark, life and death
Are commingled in eternal unity.
I stand on this strange shore and look upon the
swift-flowing current of life. With amazed wonderment.


It is only when there is lack of light that we see
things in the wrong way. How like a little cloud is
worldly grandeur blown away. Man can never be
self-sufficing. But when he learns a higher
dependence there is no more anguish of mind,
no more rebellion. To be able to see our connection with
every condition of life is to see with a new eye—
the spiritual eye. Patience, endurance, courage—
these come when that eye opens. Then we can turn all
our forces Godward. For one who sees with the
spiritual eye there are no evil forces; it is we who
create evil by the misdirection of our energies.


All-encompassing Spirit, Thou art the Giver of all life.
Thou art all that is manifested, and all that is
un-manifested. Thou art all that is within and
all that is without. Do Thou uplift my mind and
heart and give me a new sense of Thy Reality.