June Twentieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Never do anything that will destroy another’s faith.
Even the simplest faith leads Godward.


Lines to Memorize
Wouldst Thou receive this unworthy gift of mine?
Then let me lay it prostrate at Thy blessed Feet.
I came with an eager heart,
Though courage had I none to approach Thee.
But Thou, All-seeing, didst know my heart’s yearning
And didst call me to Thy side.
I am wonder-struck at this, Thy mercy!


When we learn the art of connecting ourselves
with the Source of life, this little distracted
fragment of life will become glorified and
we shall find peace. Our little life will be
blessed and we shall not again weep and mourn.
We shall learn to practise the beautiful
attributes of life—calmness, peace, steadfastness,
faith. These are the adornments of life which
beautify a man’s character.


Kindle in my heart the light of understanding, O Lord,
That I may learn to be a true instrument in Thy hand.
May I never do aught to hurt or hinder my brother
in his search for Thee. May I always serve truly
and faithfully all Thy children. Accept my offering
of prayer and bestow on me Thy holy blessing.