June Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When the selfish side of our life dies away, the
nobler, bigger, braver God-side will manifest itself.


Lines to Memorize
Pay no heed to voice of ego;
It is false, yea, and always out of tune.
Sing, thou after the Beloved’s voice!
It is divine harmony;
It is sweet melody,
And it is perpetual peace.


The more we can release ourselves from the
bonds of slavery to fear and selfishness, the
freer we shall be to enjoy the blessings of the
Infinitude of God. All selfishness and weakness
must be washed clean by the water of a new
spiritual understanding. We do this through prayer,
when it is earnest and sincere; because out of
constant longing and yearning and a prayerful
attitude, we create a great power within us.


All-loving, All-beneficent Spirit!
Make my life free from all inharmony and discord,
That I may grow more conscious of Thy Presence.
Purge my heart of egotism and vanity.
May I in this hour of prayer and at all times draw
my strength and inspiration wholly from Thy Being.