June Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
In the realm of religion we cannot pretend.
Our life must ring true.


Lines to Memorize
When thy mind is filled with noble thoughts
There is no room for small, petty, and selfish whims.
Keep thy heart then well-filled with feelings
that are noble and true. Then work with thy hand;
For no act can enslave us when our heart and
mind are true.


There is a finer type of spiritual manhood. If you
can manifest that, you will always glorify whatever
you do. But to do this, you must be genuine and
you must look beyond yourself. You cannot live
this life worthily unless you relate it with what
lies behind this life. You must have patience, faith,
perseverance and courage, if you would enter
into a more exalted realm of being. Without
these you cannot partake of the Spirit of God-hood.


I lift my heart to that One who knows all my
struggles and my shortcomings. Grant that I may
direct my whole life to that One, never to the fleeting
objects of this material world. May my prayers
be so sincere and earnest that they will always reach Him.