June Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When the heart and soul yearn with living faith
for the Unseen, it purifies the life and brings
a deeper vision.


Lines to Memorize
Thou art the sweetness of my life;
Thou art the soul of my body;
Thou art the vigor of my limbs;
My clear sight and power of action.
Why dost Thou ever leave me?
When Thou dost abandon me I find darkness in light and sadness in gayety.
Who art Thou? What art Thou?
These mysteries of Thy Being I cannot fathom.


A house should never be kept in the dark. It becomes
desolate and loses all its charm and atmosphere.
The same way with human life. We have all the
ornaments and gifts, but if the spiritual light does
not glow and glorify everything, that life is dead
and in darkness. When the light of faith and hope
illumines it, it is safe; otherwise it is in danger,
because it is not sanctified and protected.


Grant, O Compassionate One, that I may feel
Thy all-abiding Presence within my soul,
And that I may rejoice in that Presence.
Dispel all darkness and depression from my heart
And fill it with Thy radiance, That I may shed
forth Thy light in every act of my life.