June Fourteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We are eternally protected. Know this and be fearless.


Lines to Memorize
Take my hand and lift me to that plane where abide harmony and unbroken
union with Thee.
I was not ready when Thou didst give me Thy hand of mercy;
Now I come ready to follow Thee.
Lift me and lead me!
I will follow Thee;
I will not look back nor fear.


When a man feels that in spite of shortcomings,
in spite of faults, he has something abiding,
something that is his very own, which no one
can rob him of, he gains fresh hope and courage.
If under pain and sorrow a man can stand up
and say bravely, “Thy hand guides me”,
it is a very beautiful thing; but only he can
do it who is master of himself.


O Thou Divine Protector, make Thy protecting
Presence real to me. In my silent hours may I feel
Thy Presence. In all my actions, may I feel
Thy guiding influence. In my hours of waking
and sleeping, may I ever carry Thy blessed Presence
in my consciousness. Grant me a new sense of
peace and security in Thee.