June Eighteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Make your religious faith fundamental.


Lines to Memorize
Waiting for Thee, my Love, my Life, Soul of my life!
Many hours of day and night have passed me by,
Yet faith kindles my hope and in the light of hope
I see Thy approach even in dense dark of night.
I shall wait for Thee now And let me wait for Thee always!


What we have in abundance in our heart, in our
mind, in our habitual consciousness, that
will come uppermost in every circumstance.
People who are loving and forgiving, when
they are oppressed, will show their loving,
forgiving nature. The outer life always
intensifies what we have within. Therefore
we must try to keep our spiritual point of
view clear and unwavering. Faith must
not be a quality of mind which varies with the
varying conditions of life.


Thou Eternal All-pervading Presence!
Thou art the Source of my existence.
Thou art my Resting-place.
Make me ever conscious of Thy abiding Spirit,
That my heart may be purified and freed
from doubt. Strengthen my faith and awaken
ever greater and greater devotion within my soul.