June Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
The man of faith attains wisdom and illumination.


Lines to Memorize
Flame of Faith, let Thy radiant glow
Help me to find those who are in dark
And bring them to Thy light.
Thou dost put courage in my heart,
And quicken my body with new life,
And mind with undying vigor.
Thou blessed Flame!
Burn Thou without ceasing, in my heart
And let me walk on the path of life
Without fear, doubt, or thought of self.


By the power of faith one can remove mountains,
bondage breaks, and sins are wiped out.
Through faith the sick are healed and the
lame walk. People who have not faith, nothing
can be done for them. But it is not negative faith
that can remove evil. It is not dogmatic faith that
can heal or work miracles. It is a faith that takes
form in action. This faith is fundamental and finds
expression in wisdom and loving service.
Be full of such faith.


O Thou Supreme Giver, rouse in me undaunted faith.
Kindle in my heart the fire of wisdom
That by its light I may see and feel Thee everywhere.
All my power comes from Thee.
May I use it wholly in Thy service.