June Thirtieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Do not let your faith waver or weaken.


Lines to Memorize
O Faith, holy Redeemer, My divine Protector! Put
Thou Thine armor about me. I am always safe with Thee.
This conflict of life Hath no fear for me When
Thou art in me and with me. Holy Redeemer,
divine Protector! Put Thou Thine armor about me.


Faith is the greatest reformer. One becomes saintly
through faith. Faith gives life, faith gives exaltation.
Through genuine faith one can accomplish anything.
Complete faith and surrender are essential factors
in the spiritual life. When you have them, all your
troubles cease; not that they have been eliminated,
but you have risen above them. Unless a man
has patience, faith, perseverance and courage,
it is impossible for him to enter into the spirit of holiness.


May the Fire of Faith burn in my heart, Consuming
all my impurities and weakness. May it sustain me
and protect me from coldness and indifference.
May it make me brave and enduring in the hour of trial.
May the Fire of Faith never grow dim or die in my heart.
Hold aloft the light and stand firm to thy post,
Till all wandering souls have reached their goal in safety.
Service brings strength and renewed life,
Love cures all weariness, And Faith, the shining
jewel of life, performs all miracles.