June Twenty-Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Never lose faith in yourself.


Lines to Memorize
Behold, the saving light dispelling darkness! Let
all mortals rise to-day and inherit their immortal state.
Let all mortals, forsaking sleep of doubt, ascend
with the glory of dawn.


We must have faith in ourselves and we cannot
have faith in ourselves without having faith in others;
We are all parts of that Infinite One and we cannot
have faith in one part more than another. True
religion does not allow a man to lift his hand or
his thought or his heart against aught that lives.
Loving kindness is an attribute of genuine faith.
One cannot have faith in God and in humanity
without being loving and having eager desire to serve.


O Thou All-loving Mother of the Universe. I am
Thy child, my real nature is one with Thine.
My spirit is eternally united with Thy Spirit,
My life is bound in Thy Life. Grant that I may realize
my union with Thee And express it through my
every thought, word and deed.