June Twenty-Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Man is born to conquer nature, not to be afflicted
by nature or the world.


Lines to Memorize
Be not a puppet in ambition’s hand, beaten and buffetted!
Wouldst thou be enticed and enslaved by a ruthless tyrant?
Should a child of Eternity stoop so low?
Nay, be not trapped or befooled by the seeming.
Verily thou art ever free, an heir to eternal and omniscient Life.


One who is attached to the things of the world,
the world claims that one. One who is wholly
given to God, the world cannot hold or harm him.
No matter how much we have blundered, we all
have a right to go to our home. We should never
give way to discouragement or doubt.


O Thou Infinite and Eternal Being!
Thou art the One to be known;
Thou art the One to be worshipped.
Free my mind from doubt and ignorance
That I may know Thee truly;
And find in Thee new courage, light, strength and fearlessness.