June Twenty-Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Fear is never constructive.


Lines to Memorize
O Thou, who givest Thy bounty With ceaseless love
and tender blessing, Alas, how oft we come to Thee,
Our hands and hearts already filled With fear, doubt
and all this world’s endless possessions. Thou who
givest Thy bounty, We pray that Thou givest us
power of sanctity To receive Thy blessing.


People who are dauntless through faith, through
courage, through higher inspiration, they attain
fulfillment; because their being is quickened,
all their powers are aroused. A person who is
exhibiting courage and faith in every circumstance
is a model character.


Thou who art my protecting Father and loving Mother,
Fill my whole mind and consciousness with
Thy blessings That I may learn to depend wholly
upon Thee. Make me fearless and strong, full of
childlike faith and holy inspiration, So that all
I think and do may be productive of good.