June Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Those who revolve in the consciousness of the
Divine are safe-guarded.


Lines to Memorize
Didst thou not come naked from thy mother’s womb?
Didst thou not have thy soul in safety even before thy
body’s birth? Why art thou then fretful and anxious?
One who watched over thee then, Watches over thee now;
One who loved thee then, loves thee now.
My mind remember this and be still.


Those who have noble aspiration in their heart not
only seek light, they radiate light. The work we
have to do is to remove the obstructions, as we
clean our windows to let the light come into our house.
The way to overcome fear and sorrow is by thinking
on that One that is above all sorrow and fear.
The way to conquer weakness is to think on that
One who is infinite strength. The way to overcome
littleness is to think on the Great Immensity.


O Thou Compassionate Spirit, bestow upon me
Thy abiding protection. Grant that I may acquire
strength of mind and fearlessness of heart.
Destroy in me all delusion and weakness
And make me worthy of Thy unfailing blessing.