June Twelveth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must cultivate a sense of the immensity of God.


Lines to Memorize
Art Thou in me or am I in Thee?
At times I feel that Thou art in me
As perfume in flower,—
Subtle, imperceptible, yet most real.
Again, in my inmost thought I see Thee
As vast, pervading like the infinite sky.
Then I know that my little life
Is like an ocean drop
Contained in Thy boundless Self.


When we are under the persuasion of ego and
self-interest enters in, anxieties overtake us
and our faith and courage grow weak.
But when we come to realize how small our
power is, how undependable is our intellect,
how fleeting outer conditions are, we begin
to draw more and more on that which is lasting.
Then for the first time we have a real sense of rest and
security, and new courage and hope awaken in our heart.


O Lord, through Thy Grace may I overcome all
egotism, pride and self-will
And realize that Thou art all in all.
I am only an instrument in Thy almighty Hand.
Do Thou use my hands and feet, my heart
and mind to carry out Thy great
plan; And may I never forget Thy vastness
and Thy glory.