June Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
As we live in the Great Light, we see more and
more clearly the purpose of life and we learn
to live more worthily.


Lines to Memorize
It is flame, without smoke;
It burns without fuel, save what is not visible
o the eyes. It burns in the mouth of the wise.
It dwells in heart of love.
It is the perpetual altar fire where saints pour
their oblation of worship.
It is eternal life.


Everyone should carry the inner light of God, even
when sorrow and misfortune come. There is no
chance happening in this world. Great souls do
not complain or rebel against adverse conditions,
they convert them into benefits. They change
evil into good. People who have any deep thought,
how majestic and calm they are. Where does
this calm spirit come from?
From inner courage and bigness of vision.


I offer my heart’s prayer to the Great One.
May I learn to carry His blessing without any obstruction.
May I be worthy of His gifts.
May His beneficent light shine through me
And bring understanding in my heart.