June Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we forget our Source, we become isolated
fragments without strength and efficiency.

Lines to Memorize
When Thou art near, I feel strong And my heart
sings a happy song. When I lose Thee, all my
strength fails me And darkness enshrouds my heart.

We are confronted by the problems of life and
we seek consolation and help from some outside
source; but wise men find these in the inner realm.
They retire within themselves. This outer material
life becomes much more beautiful, it acquires new
grandeur, when it is connected with the inner
spiritual life. The drudgery we too often feel
arises because these two spheres of living are
unrelated. We escape from this sense of drudgery
by uniting the inner and outer; and we do t
his through faith.

O All-loving Spirit, Source of my life, May my heart
rest close to Thy Divine Heart. Fill it with Thy pure
joy. Grant unto me unswerving courage And a trust
that cannot be shaken or destroyed. May I lean
wholly upon Thy guidance and look to
Thee alone for protection.