June Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Meanness, pettiness, weakness, spring from lack
of knowledge of our true heritage.

Lines to Memorize
All this glory is Thine.
I am glorified in knowing this Thy infinite glory.
Thou dost take our frail and faltering hands
To do Thy work.
Our hands and hearts are strong
When they are in Thy keeping.

This machine of life does not run smoothly unless
the right conditions exist. We must be conscious
of the Power which makes it run. We must have
feeling. Then when the Divine and the human
become one through this higher feeling, something
mighty is born. The outer alone cannot nourish the
loftier impulses of the heart. It cannot satisfy
the hunger of the soul. It cannot quench the
thirst of the spirit.

O Thou Supreme, All-loving Spirit!
Through Thy Grace alone all things are possible
unto me; I pray that through that Grace I shall
be able to surmount all weakness and imperfection.
Grant that my mind may be freed from all ignorance.
Lead me by Thy compassionate hand
And fill my heart with love and understanding.