June Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must be bold enough to love God and Truth
above all other things

Lines to Memorize
Lingering perfume of Thy Presence is ever leading me on.
I am following its unseen track day and night
With longing in my soul.

At the present moment it is easy for us to have faith in
physical phenomenal things—things we see and hear;
but, because spiritual things are not perceptible to
thee senses, we are afraid to place our faith on them
and depend on them. Yet God’s hand is ever working.
The person who knows this has infinite blessing,
one who does not know it misses the security of
that blessing. God’s protection and love are unbounded
and unceasing. They never fail us. Realizing this
brings wonderful rest to our soul.

I lift my thoughts and prayers to Thee, Supreme
Guardian of the Universe, Who abidest in my heart
and watchest over me at every moment. May I
never live apart from Thee. May I find all my
joy in Thee And depend on Thee for all my needs.
May Thy blessing rest upon my life.