June Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
If we have courage and give ourselves freely,
our whole life is transformed.

Lines to Memorize
Withhold not Thy tender mercy from us. The blessing
of Thy presence will lift our weight, And our soul
will sing again with new joy our thanksgiving.
Come, O come to us in this hour of need.

We all have setbacks, but this falling down does
not mean defeat. Thousands of times we may
fall down, yet we must rise up again. We need
courage and poise to do this. He who is not
afflicted by the dual conditions of life, he
lives truly. Some people glorify their pain
and adversity. If it is crucifixion, that crucifixion
becomes a symbol of their religion and they
bear it gloriously. This is not sentimentality;
it is true courage.

O Lord, victory and defeat, elation and depression,
good fortune and ill, all these things come and go;
But Thou art ever unchanging. Help me never to
rise and fall with these waves of circumstance,
But to find strength and steadfastness by
clinging with unshakable faith to Thee.