June Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
That one is a master who is never crushed or disheartened.

Lines to Memorize
When my thoughts ascend to Thee I dwell in peace.
My body is light, My feet free, My heart open to
receive Thy blessing.

Courage, hope and cheer, let these three accompany
you in your journey:—courage that is born of inner
conviction and knows no fear; courage that is born
of knowledge that we are heir to the Divine Power.
That Infinite Majesty is ever free from the intoxication
of material aggressiveness. Dauntlessness in all
circumstances through selfless devotion to an Ideal is Its attribute.

All-blissful One, flood my whole being with Thy pure Being.
Make me staunch and unshakable. Grant that my faith
may be undaunted. That at all hours, in my work
and play, my spirit may be ever fixed in Thee.