June Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Try to gain a sense of true manhood.

Lines to Memorize
I live in this house of mine Whose walls are not
built by man. None can invade my dwelling.
None can usurp my rights.

Although we are virtually constituted alike, we
manifest different qualities. People are in
different grades. Some are dense, gross;
others are equipped with fineness of vision,
fineness of feeling, fineness of thought.
It is because some yield to their lower nature,
others constantly strive to manifest their
higher qualifies. The choice rests with us.
The individual becomes vital by his own effort.
We must climb higher and radiate higher
qualities in our life. To do this requires
faith and courage.

O Thou Infinite, Indivisible Being, Thou art the
Eternal in this fleeting. Thou art the abiding in
the midst of the changing. Teach me to cling to
that which is stable and lasting. May I draw all
my inspiration and strength from Thee alone.
Unite my heart with Thine. Fill my mind with
noble exalted thoughts. Guard me from all that
is ignoble and weak, And keep me ever in Thy peace.