June Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
Your faith must be fervent and living.

Lines to Memorize
We pray that Thou dost open our eyes of understanding,
And place us in Thy kingdom of safety, Where conflict of
doubting life hath no entry. We pray for this and this alone.

Your faith must be like an altar flame, burning every
moment. Not only will it bring blessing to you, but it
will bless others. There must be no doubt, no question,
no hesitation. The worst enemy in human life, our worst
enemy, is doubt. We can overcome it by the light of understanding.

O Lord, Thou art the unfailing Source of my sustenance.
Thou art the Source of all my power and strength.
Light in my heart a burning faith That all my doubts and
questionings may be burned to ashes. May I depend upon
Thee at all times And find my rest and peace in Thee alone.