June Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
If we are faithful and fearless, we cannot exist
without shedding the light of Truth.

Lines to Memorize
When I reflect Thy light upon my heart I become a part
of Thy great effulgence. All my doubts and despondent
thoughts vanish As doth the mist of night before the sun.
Do Thou teach me how I may keep this light ever shining
in my soul like an altar flame.

Let us hope for big things, not only what is good for us,
but what is good for the whole. Impossible hopes—let us
even dare to hope for those. What if the world calls us
dreamers! Let us dream those dreams which will lift us
from doubt, fear, selfishness and self-seeking. Let us
soar high with the wings of hope and dream into
the transcendental.

O Infinite All-pervading Spirit, may I realize more
and more my union with Thee. May I learn to know
that my little light is a part of Thy great effulgence,
That my little life is a part of Thy unbounded
Life And that in all things I partake of Thy vastness.