June First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Have faith! It glorifies the life. It exalts it.

Lines to Memorize
It is the flame of faith that sheds light upon our life’s
straight and narrow path. Faith, how oft thou dost come
to my rescue as I stand in the dark corners of life,
puzzled and helpless. O blessed Faith, thy transcendent
glow hath filled my life! Thy lustre hath brought me new sight.
I shall walk now with the light of thy holy sanctity.

What you need is a basis in life which will bring you upliftment,
courage and resourcefulness. At no time do you need
to feel lonely, destitute, devoid of help. All will come out
right if you have faith. Faith always enriches the
life and brings true understanding.

O Thou who art the source of all goodness May I learn
to work, worship and aspire with unaltering faith and
selfless spirit. May I gain strength and vigor of mind,
high inspiration and peace.
May Thy holy peace fill my heart and life.