July Twenty-Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
You cannot check or impede your own progress
without impairing the happiness of others.


Lines To Memorize
But I read on thy face
That thou art destined for thy goal.
Thy faith is not broken,
Thy courage not gone.
Call them forth and hold awhile
Till thy journey is done.


We serve most by the example we set. We cannot
fail ourselves without weakening others. Failure
will never overtake us as long as we keep our
contact with the Ideal. Evil cannot touch us when
we realize our oneness with the Divine. But we
cannot be united with our divine self until we
have been disunited from our lower self.
When we have union with our higher self, we
have an asset that is permanent. Then poverty,
sickness, misfortune, may come but we are
untouched by them.


May Thy touch quicken my heart with new life;
Do Thou fill every corner of my being with fresh
strength and determination. May I never falter
or turn back in following Thy path. May I glorify
Thee and make myself worthy of Thy loving protection.