July Twenty-Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
To raise the standard of the world we must raise our own standard.


Lines To Memorize
Thou hast vanquished my formidable foe by Thy coming;
He fled before Thee as night before the day.
I feel safe now that Thou art come—
Stay Thou always near me,
For I have no strength apart from Thee.


A little association with worldly life is good, when it shows
the difference between that and the spiritual life.
Through it we gain knowledge to help others and understand
our own position better. Everything depends on our attitude
and motive; and when they are right and unselfish,
we are perfectly safe. The basis of true service lies in
realizing oneness with our Source. Each individual gives
what is uppermost in him. He cannot give more or less’.
He can give only what he has.


O Thou who art the Resting-place of all souls,
Kindle in me a new light.
May I never live in the darkness of selfishness and ignorance.
May I strive always to manifest Thee in all I say and do.
Grant that I may see Thee in all living beings arid learn
to transform evil into good, hatred into love!