July Twenty-Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
Education is unfoldment.


Lines To Memorize
My adoration to Thee, great One!
It was Thy mighty hand that broke the chain
Which held me bound upon the shifting sands of life.


The greatest service we can render any one is to unfold his
higher faculties. Education does not mean tearing down
everything we have learned already. We do not tear down
the body to find the immortal soul. We look within for
that which gives life. When we open the mind to the
radiant light of the soul we accomplish the true end
and aim of all education.


To That One who alone can guide me to light and wisdom,
I offer up my body, mind and heart.
He alone knows all my needs.
He alone can save me from the darkness of ignorance
And bestow upon me the light of understanding.
May He lead me and direct me in all things.