July Twenty-Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
We are such cowards at times, we are afraid to give.


Lines To Memorize
Can we with all our might, offer Thee aught worthy
in Thy blessed sight? Can we ever make our heart
so free of earthly stain that Thy light of love may
shine and glow unceasingly?


Our life can be like a lamp-post; travelers pass a
nd find their path revealed. Let us become like
such a lamp-post, that we may throw a glow not
only on our own path but on the paths of all God’s
children. We cannot help giving; we are constantly
giving something. Whoever touches our life, whomever
we touch, we give something to that person unconsciously.
The influence we exert depends upon our inner life
and our power of vision. If our Ideal is uppermost
in our life we shall always exert a noble influence.
If our own higher consciousness is dormant, we
shall be unable to appeal to the highest in others.


O Thou Effulgent One, may I never enjoy anything
apart from Thy Divine light. May that light shine
through my every thought and action. May Thy
love flow through me And unite me with all Thy
children. May I share gladly what Thou givest unto me.