July Twenty-Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Service brings strength and renewal.


Lines To Memorize
My life’s wounds are healed at Thy touch,
O Thou, my soul’s Physician!
Never had I hoped for such benediction,
But Thou, divine Healer, knowing my heart’s
prayer didst come of Thine own compassion.


If your heart has only love, no evil can bind you.
The love element heals; it heals diseases of mind
and body. It restores and redeems. People who heal
thus through love are not aware of it. Such healing
is a very beautiful thing. It is done just as the flower
gives its fragrance. To accomplish such healing, you
must have faith as well as love—a living faith.
If we have even a little grain of true faith, our service
will soothe and heal and restore.


May That One who is the Giver of all blessedness,
Bestow upon me ever greater strength to live the
life and serve His children. May I find a greater and
greater joy in that service. May I lose all selfishness
and calculation And give freely and with gladness of heart.
May His blessing flow through me to all mankind.