July Twenty-Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
You may be an unconscious instrument through
which power may flow to another.


Lines To Memorize
Let the stream of love flow on and on.
It will bring life and loveliness;
It will bring calm and happiness.
Let the stream of love flow on and on,
Unhindered and unblocked by fear or inner storm.


If you serve with pure and whole-hearted devotion,
it must all go well with you and you will feel more
blessed every day. The strength of all service is in
harmony and tolerance. To bring even a shadow
of anything else would be to weaken it. The spirit
of self-surrender and prayer will enable us to
accomplish this. There are certain qualities
we require to love and serve,— introspection,
deeper vision, fervor of spirit. To love truly is
the greatest triumph of life.


O Thou Inexhaustible Source of my being!
My heart and soul yearn for Thee.
Purify my vision, that I may perceive
Thy bounty and the fullness of Thy blessing.
Help me to realize that when I have Thee I have all things.
Thou art the Source of all my wealth and wisdom.
Fill me with Thy blessed Presence,
And may I find all my joy and strength in Thee.