July Twenty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
He whose prayers are always for others is truly happy.


Lines To Memorize
Love is a miracle!
Behold its working in life!
It is life. It is soul.
It is beauty. It is joy.
It is peace.
It is all! It is all!


The awakened man seeks not revenge, nor tries
to injure those who injure him. He does not
complain or condemn, but strives to benefit
those who maltreat him. He feels that he
would rather be defeated and cheated again and
again than grow distrustful of his fellow-men.
A person who is ignorant does not recognize the
oneness of all mankind. It is easy for him to bring
pain and suffering to others. But he who is awakened,
he sees all men as his brothers and he shrinks
from hurting any living thing.


O Thou All-abiding One, abide in my soul,
And fill it with Thy holy love.
May I pour out that love freely upon all Thy children.
Make me so unselfish that I shall never ask anything
for myself, But may I always be ready to share all my
blessings with my fellow-men.