July Twenty-Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Service wipes out all egotism, all blemish, and
silences all harsh discordant notes.


Lines To Memorize
Do Thou fill my heart in full measure with
Thine inexhaustible love That I may scatter it abroad;
For Thy love is all-saving and life-giving.


If mind and heart are full, the overflow finds expression
through service. Whenever you have a great Ideal or a
lofty feeling, it finds its practical application through service.
When you serve selflessly, you do not lose anything,
you come into your own. You have a new majesty and grandeur of
spirit. Service always opens up new avenues for the soul’s expression.


Thou who art my loving Mother and protecting Father,
Imbue me with the spirit of consecration,
That I may lose myself wholly in Thy Divine Being.
Help me to forget my own pains and struggles,
And think only of the needs of all Thy children.
Fill my heart with new love of service,
And help me to bring Thy peace and blessing to all that lives.