July Twentieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Spiritual fragrance is not limited by any boundary line.
It reaches all hearts that are yearning for the Highest.


Lines To Memorize
These three flowers of fruitful life (love, hope and joy)
Scatter their precious perfume with wings of angels.
Their unseen power transforms world’s ugliness to
beatific vision, Storms of anger to gentle peace,
And brute passion to divine affection.


The only way we surmount the evils and limitations
of the world is through the realization of love.
When we know we are all children of one Divine
Being, we naturally become united. This is something
we do not realize through theory. We find the center
of this realization in our own heart. When we have
found it there, we realize it in the universe.
But if we do not realize it in our heart through
humility and devotion, we may seek it
everywhere in the world but we shall find it nowhere.


May the Infinite Being in this hour of prayer,
Direct my whole thought and feeling to Him.
May I never cease to be conscious of the
sweetness of His Divine Presence, And may I
convey that sweetness to others.