July Twelfth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we find our own sense of peace, we contribute
something towards the good of the whole.


Lines To Memorize
Amid chaos Thou dost create divine beauty;
Amid dire disorder Thou dost plant the seed of
harmony that beareth the sweet blossom of peace.


When we have wisdom and the willingness to
cast aside our own lower nature and ally ourselves
with our whole heart to the Higher Power, we find a
sense of peace. This creates an atmosphere which
influences every one who comes in contact with us.
A person who has a peaceful heart, who is quiet
and self-controlled, cannot fail to radiate a
quietness and power which every one feels.
We cannot be in contact with something that
radiates blessing without conveying it to others.
It never fails us. A high point of contact will
redeem us and bless others.


Thou who art One without a second,
I offer Thee my whole being,
That I may be made fit to serve Thee and do Thy work.
I am but an instrument in Thy hands.
Fill my heart with Thy peace, And pour out upon
me and all Thy children Thy loving blessing.