July Thirty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Try to serve truly. All power comes through true service.


Lines To Memorize
Love is a miracle.
Behold its working!
It bringeth life to the dead;
It bringeth joy to the sad;
It bringeth light to the dark and despondent soul;
It waketh the spirit that slumbereth in doubt.


My earnest prayer is that God may give you strength
and wisdom to follow ably what is best for your welfare,
and for those who look to you for help. This world cannot
prove dangerous when our heart is steadfastly fixed in
God; but without love of God and His mercy, life is
altogether unsafe and full of peril. Pray to Him earnestly for light;
try to do your duties with non-attachment; practice purity and
self-control in all your thoughts, words and actions;
this will give you peace.


Supreme Spirit, awaken in me an ever greater
consciousness of Thee That I may never fail to follow
Thy guidance. Bestow on me wisdom to serve the needy,
gladness of heart to cheer the sorrowing and
loving-kindness to comfort the distressed. Grant unto
me the power to help all who are in need of help.