July Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
It never helps another to worry with him.


Lines To Memorize
What avails wailing if thou art bound to the stake of self?
Thou art not born a bondman.
Why then dost thou make thyself a slave of thyself?


Instead of worrying and complaining of injustice
to ourselves or others, we must try to strengthen
the life and get a right sense of values. We cannot help
anyone more when he is in trouble than by giving him
a proper sense of proportion. When he comes to see
things in their right light, he will be able to meet his
own problems. Being misunderstood or criticized is
sometimes good. It gives us a sense of helplessness
and makes us turn to the Higher Power. Life is a
constant struggle, but struggle is good. It makes us strong.


May the All-merciful Deity grant me light and
awakening. May He make my vision true and
bestow on me His wisdom That I may do His work
wisely and in right spirit. May I always bring to all
His children true joy and peace.