July Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot all be great, but we can all serve.


Lines To Memorize
With Thy holy lamp in my hand, I stood at the
corner of the street of life a long, long time.
At first I thought that no one would ever see my
precious light; My heart grew anxious and I
called aloud. They turned and looked but
saw no light nor understood my voice.


Those whose hearts are full of spiritual light, they
long to impart that. Everyone may not be open to
the highest Truth. It cannot be apprehended by mere
intellectual cleverness, nor can it be imparted by a
little oratory. But even the most unlettered can
serve God and His children. If Truth is clarified by
the life, and the one who serves proves his fervor
and sincerity, then the sense of Divine Presence
will be behind the service and it will be living. If it
is living, it cannot fail to be productive of good.


O Lord, open my heart to Thy Divine influence,
That it may be free from pride and arrogance.
I know that Thou art never far from me.
Grant unto me the power to serve Thee humbly
And to live with true selfless devotion and steadfastness of purpose.